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Become PowerFULL with Ian Inman's High Performance Coaching

Army Veteran, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Certified Master Trainer, Speaker & Author

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What Is Ian Inman's "PowerFULL" Coaching Methodology?

PowerFULL is about harnessing the strength to influence and move with incredible speed and force, while being complete and whole.



Ian Inman’s journey from high school dropout to decorated US Army veteran and high-performance coach demonstrates the power of resilience and determination. As a 5x US Army Best Warrior, 2x Special Forces Commando winner, and ranked 18th globally as an Army Recruiter, Ian has overcome significant challenges to achieve greatness. His experience and numerous accolades make him uniquely equipped to guide athletes & corporate teams toward their own massive success stories.

By working with Ian, you gain access to top-tier coaching designed to make you the best in your space. Through his "PowerFULL" coaching methodology, Ian attacks your physical and mental performance first to develop you as an individual. Once complete, he will show you how to effectively lead others to the same success. Leveraging his military discipline and expertise as a certified master trainer at his sports training facility, Ian offers personalized strategies and guidance. Working with Ian either on the field or in a boardroom means pushing the limits of what's possible to become the best.

Ready to Become PowerFULL?

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Ian Inman's Journey From HS Dropout to Army Best Warrior

Ian's path from dropping out of high school his junior year to achieving notable military & academic honors is a journey of perseverance and hard work. His decision to join the US Army marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation, leading to multiple US Army Best Warrior, Special Forces Commando, and Army Recruiter accolades. Ian's story reflects the profound impact of dedication and the will to surpass expectations. Have an upcoming speaking engagement?


Military Life

  • 5x Best Warrior Competition Winner

  • 2x Special Forces Commando Competition Winner

  • Airborne, Air Assault, SERE, SEMA, Recruiter, & Geospatial Intelligence Staff Sergeant

  • Deployed across Africa & Afghanistan while also supporting missions in North America, South America, and Europe

  • Special Operations Enabler for 2/10th Special Forces Group and Non-Rated Crew Member for the 204th Military Intelligence (Aerial Reconnaissance) Battalion

  • Ranked #18 of 15k globally as a US Army Recruiter


Ian Inman's Journey from Medical Retirement to Ultra Running

After concluding a decade of active duty US Army service due to medical separation, Ian Inman lost his sense of purpose and direction. Despite being told he'd never run again, he directed his energy into building a successful athletic training facility while focusing on becoming a pro runner. After three years of persistent treatments and therapies, Ian earned the chance to return to running. He is now on track to build 56 more sports clubs and run multiple ultra-marathons in the coming years.


Civilian Life

  • Founder and Certified Master Trainer of a High-End Training Facility with his D1, Nationally Ranked Wife Lindsey and Their Facility Dog, Xena

  • Sponsored ultra-marathon runner after a medical separation from the Army due to deployment related injuries and being told he'd never run again

  • Host of the PowerFULL Podcast which is designed to help athletes become high performance achievers

  • Speaker & Author who coaches how to become a resilient and discipline high-performance athlete

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