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Command and Conquer

From Battlefield to Boardroom

Elite strategies to dominate both life's battles and the corporate frontline. Forge ahead with precision and authority, turning every challenge into a testament to your strategic prowess and relentless determination. Learn how to plan, execute, and achieve with Ian Inman.




Ian Inman was a high school dropout turned distinguished business coach, author, and speaker who is celebrated for his remarkable achievements including 5x US Army Best Warrior and 2x Special Forces Commando wins. Leveraging his extensive military background and entrepreneurial success, Ian ignites motivation and drives results. Through his dynamic keynotes, immersive workshops, and personalized coaching, Ian equips individuals and teams with the tools to command and conquer their life and business.

Ian Inman's life has been a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Now accomplished in both his military and civilian life, Ian's journey has been marked by triumph over adversity, including overcoming challenging teenage years, a brutal medical condition, divorce, self-destruction, and near-death experiences. Today, he draws upon his experiences to help others take command of their life by conquering the obstacles in their way.

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Ian Inman's Journey From HS Dropout to Army Best Warrior

Ian Inman's path from dropping out of high school his junior year to achieving notable military & academic honors is a journey of perseverance and hard work. His decision to join the US Army marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation, leading to multiple US Army Best Warrior and Special Forces Commando accolades. Ian's story reflects the profound impact of dedication and the will to surpass expectations.

Military Life

  • 5x Best Warrior Competition Winner

  • 2x Special Forces Commando Competition Winner

  • Airborne, Air Assault, SERE, SEMA, Recruiter, & Geospatial Intelligence Staff Sergeant

  • Deployed across Africa & Afghanistan while also supporting missions in North America, South America, and Europe

  • Special Operations Enabler for 2/10th Special Forces Group and Non-Rated Crew Member for the 204th Military Intelligence (Aerial Reconnaissance) Battalion

  • Top 20 US Army Recruiter out of 15k+ people and top 10 Army Recruiting Station out of 3,500+ in the U.S.A.

Ian Inman's Journey from Military Service to Entrepreneurship

After concluding a decade of active duty US Army service due to medical separation, Ian Inman redirected his expertise and leadership into founding a portfolio of successful brick and mortar businesses. Through these ventures, he brought strategic military principles into the entrepreneurial arena, carving out a niche in the marketing industry. Ian's transition showcases his adaptability and continued commitment to excellence, marking a successful move from the battlefield to the business world.

Civilian Life

  • Founder of Artemist & Artemist AI, a growth marketing agency & RevOps SaaS platform.

  • Expert business coach (now called MentorOps) which has achieved excess of $60m in combined student revenues generated from his mentorship.

  • Co-Founder of a private, high-end athletics club (soon to be franchise) with leading biokinetic technology to create highly optimized D1 athletes.

  • Founder of Operation Life, a non-profit on a mission to provide support and security to Christians in high-risk countries.

Academic Achievements

Mastering the Art of Influence, Ian Inman's Strategic Path

Ian Inman excelled academically, achieving a 4.0 GPA in Intelligence Operations and joining the Phi Theta Kappa Society. He then sought after the University of Arizona, to deepen his expertise by entering their Bachelor's in Intelligence and Information Operations, focusing on Corporate Information Warfare. This would set the stage for his innovative blend of military tactics and marketing strategies. Ian has future plans to expand this fusion with a Master's in Cyber and Information Operations, aiming to revolutionize marketing through technological advancements.

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