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Half-Marathon to full marathon in 16 weeks

  • 112Days
  • 115Steps


This 16-week marathon training program is designed for runners who have completed a half marathon and want to gradually increase their distance to a full marathon. The plan incorporates easy runs, long runs, tempo runs, strength training, and rest days to ensure a smooth and injury-free progression. Weekly Breakdown Overview Phase 1: Building the Base (Weeks 1-4) Goal: Transition from half marathon to longer runs. Workouts: Mix of easy runs, tempo runs, longer weekend runs, and strength training. Focus: Establishing a solid foundation for increased mileage. Phase 2: Gradual Mileage Increase (Weeks 5-8) Goal: Slowly increase weekly mileage. Workouts: Longer midweek runs, weekend long runs, strength training, and rest days. Focus: Building endurance. Phase 3: Endurance Building (Weeks 9-12) Goal: Continue to build running endurance. Workouts: Include steady-state runs, long runs, and strength training. Focus: Enhancing cardiovascular endurance. Phase 4: Peak Mileage (Weeks 13-14) Goal: Reach peak mileage gradually. Workouts: Longer runs with moderate intensity, strength training, and interval training. Focus: Preparing for sustained running. Phase 5: Tapering (Weeks 15-16) Goal: Reduce mileage to rest and recover. Workouts: Shorter, easier runs, light strength training. Focus: Rest and recovery to ensure peak performance on race day.

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