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IAN INMAN - Army Veteran, ISSA Master Trainer, & Founder of a High-End Sports Training Facility

Highly Specialized in Transforming Potential into Unstoppable Power

Are you ready to crush your limits and turn your remaining potential into an unstoppable force? PowerFULL Performance Coaching is designed for athletes, veterans, & corporate warriors who refuse to settle for mediocrity. 1-1 Coaching, Community, Workshops, & Events. Booking Now

Who Is This Program For?
(Pick a Track to Begin)

Athletes, Military, & First Responders (Track 1)

  • Break Through Barriers: Personalized training plans to overcome physical and mental challenges.

  • Become the Best: Techniques to reach the pinnacle of performance in your sport or arena.

  • Develop Strong Resilience: Strategies to build mental toughness and unwavering determination.


Executives & Corporate Teams (Track 2)

  • Handle High-Stress Situations: Coaching to manage stress and maintain peak performance.

  • Boost Productivity: Methods to exceed productivity goals and enhance team performance.

  • Create a Culture of Excellence: Foster a resilient and high-achieving team environment.

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PowerFULL Program, Choose Your Path

Physical Training: Engage in sustainable workouts designed to push you to your limits, building stamina and enhancing performance. Each routine is personalized to ensure effective training, optimal recovery, and injury prevention.


Mental Resilience Training: Develop an unbreakable mindset with strategies to manage and convert stress into productivity. Set and achieve goals by using challenges as motivation.


Personal and Team Development: Increase self-awareness and emotional control, build leadership qualities that inspire and command respect, and improve team dynamics to create a cohesive and resilient unit working towards a common goal.


Team Workshops: Participate in workshops that offer a pick-and-choose model across three tiers: physical training, mental resilience, and personal development. Pick one tier or all three for your engagement.

PowerFULL Individual Development Plans

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This program offers PowerFULL individual development plans to push every team member toward excellence, whether you're leading the charge, holding steady, or fighting your way up. For the top 10% of achievers, the "Elite Warriors" plans are ruthless, with advanced strategies and elite techniques designed to push you beyond your limits and keep you ahead. For the middle 60%, the "Battle-Hardened" plans focus on rapid improvement, offering battle tested strategies to advance your game and bridge the gap to the elite level. For the bottom 30%, the "Rising Forces" plans provide a solid foundation, emphasizing core skills and steady growth to build confidence and set you on a path to significant improvement. Each plan includes tailored handouts and at-home resources, ensuring you have the precise tools needed to excel and advance. This coaching program is designed for those striving to be the best, not just average.


Overcoming Physical Challenges

Do physical limitations keep holding you back? With PowerFULL Performance Coaching, Ian designs workouts to push you past your physical boundaries (regardless of experience). Our training plans help you build strength and endurance while our recovery techniques prevent injuries and keep you in top condition. You'll transform your physical pain into a source of strength and resilience, allowing you to achieve new levels of performance.

Mastering Mental and Emotional Stress

Are stress and mental fatigue weighing you down? This program teaches you how to manage and convert stress into productive energy. With our mindset coaching, you'll develop a strong, focused mentality. By setting clear goals and visualizing success, you'll turn setbacks into opportunities for growth. You'll conquer mental and emotional challenges, becoming more resilient and capable of handling high-pressure situations.

Achieving Personal and Professional Growth

Do you feel stuck and want more growth in your life? PowerFULL Performance Coaching helps you develop emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Ian's personalized coaching sessions and workshops improve self-awareness and teamwork, helping you grow both personally and professionally. You'll turn pain and discomfort into qualities that inspire and lead, driving success in all areas of your life.

PowerFULL Performance Coaching is not just about achieving goals; it's about exceeding them, crushing them, and setting new ones that you never thought possible. Book a discovery call today to meet Ian Inman and create a playbook for your specific situation.

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