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IAN INMAN - ISSA Master Trainer & Co-founder of a High-End Training Facility for Wisconsin Athletes

Are you an athlete seeking sponsorships and brand deals? Then this page is for you.

This is an Exclusive Program with an Application Process to Guarantee Results. Is This Right For You?

Dedicated High School and College Athletes:

Young athletes who have shown a strong commitment to their sport and are looking to build a personal brand that will attract sponsorships & scholarships. These athletes are either top performers OR have the drive and potential to stand out with the right guidance.

Amateur and Semi-Professional Athletes:

Athletes who actively compete in local and regional events and want to take their careers to the next level by securing sponsorships. They have the talent and dedication but need help in creating a compelling brand and reaching out to potential sponsors with the right message.


Experienced Athletes Seeking Financial Growth:

Athletes who have already made a mark in their sport but are now looking to achieve financial abundance through sponsorships, coaching, and/or one off collabs. These athletes have the skill and experience but need strategic support to maximize their brand's value and secure lucrative sponsorship opportunities.


Turn your hard work into a sponsorship within the next 6 months guaranteed.


Ian Inman's sponsorship program transforms the daunting journey of securing brand deals into a clear, manageable path. This program offers detailed playbooks, personalized coaching, and full support throughout the process with a guarantee to get sponsored or Ian will personally work with you until you do.


With options ranging from do-it-yourself guidance to done-for-you guaranteed results, Ian ensures his athletes gain the visibility and confidence they need. This program will turn their dedication into tangible results, securing sponsorships and partnerships that match their hard work and potential.

WHY CHOOSE THIS PROGRAM? (aside from saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars?)

Social Media Influence and Brand Deals

With over 30,000 followers on social media, Ian has a significant online presence. He actively secures brand deals for running, demonstrating his capability to guide athletes in leveraging their personal brands for sponsorship opportunities.

Entrepreneur and Sports Club Owner

Ian is not only a seasoned athlete but also an entrepreneur and owner of a successful sports club. He knows how to run a sports business, attract sponsors as an influencer, and competes as a sponsored runner. His experience in both business and athletics uniquely positions him to help you build your brand and secure sponsorship deals.

Complete Athlete Branding & Training Program

This program encompasses brand development, sponsorship acquisition, business and marketing skills, networking, and personalized coaching. It is designed to help athletes build a strong personal brand, attract sponsors, and achieve their professional goals.

Program Consultation

You've worked hard to get here. Now it's time you get noticed for it.

This is an Exclusive Program with an Application Process. To start the process of getting sponsored, please book a time below.

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