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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Written by:

IAN INMAN - Disciple, Soldier, Speaker, Author


  • Founder & Host of @operationlifehq

  • 5x Best Warrior & 2x SORB Commando Winner

  • Airborne, Air Assault, SERE, SEMA, Recruiter

  • Results Coach Feeding 1 Billion Children

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and Background

  • Why do I want to feed 1 billion starving children?

  • Where I am right now?

  • What am I considering in the near future?

  • How does this journey to 1 billion meals begin?

  • Here is the math on it

  • When will we accomplish this by?


IAN INMAN - Disciple, US Army Soldier, Motivational Christian Speaker, and Christian Author holding an American Flag while deployed to Africa | Ian Inman is a PERFORMANCE COACH FOR ENTREPRENEURS WHO ARE READY TO REIGNITE THEIR LIVES THROUGH CHRIST. | Ian Inman is the founder of Operation Life and Host of the Operation Life Podcast | Ian Inman is a  5x Best Warrior & 2x Special Forces Commando Competition Winner. | Ian Inman is Airborne, Air Assault, SERE, SEMA, and Recruiter. | Ian Inman is also a Brand Designer, Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Leadership Coaching to Revive Executive Teams and Leaders.
Ian Inman is the Founder of Operation Life, LLC and is seen holding an American Flag while deployed to Africa. This was the deployment that sparked the idea to feed 1 billion starving children.

Introduction and Background:

What if an average person documented a way to feed half the world's children while creating generational wealth? Join me as I take on this once in a lifetime mission. In the beginning, I expect to hear things like "good luck" or "that's unrealistic" but that's exactly what excites me about it. This plan is so wildly optimistic and challenging that it can only be accomplished with God on my side. Currently, I have fed around 100,000 starving children but plan to reset this number and start from scratch for this project. Simply being alive isn't enough for me after I've almost died on 4 separate occasions. I invite you to join me as I take on my most audacious and inconceivable goal to date, you will see the near real time lessons I have learned and play-by-play steps to becoming ultra-wealthy and giving it all away.

If you want to learn more about my background and accomplishments, check out this blog post "Who Is Ian Inman?" after reading this.

If i'm not dead, then God's not done. At the end of this life we will not take anything with us except for the people along the way who chose to walk through the same narrow gates. I want this to be a movement to see what's possible with Christ even when we put our love in the world knowing we won't receive it in return. We don't do this for recognition or praise, we are doing this because we are told to. We help the helpless, feed the hungry, save the lost, and shine light on the dark. This is my attempt to leave the 99 to save the 1.

One thing I would like to make abundantly clear in the beginning of this.

I am a devout follower of Jesus (definition of disciple) however I am not a Bible thumping, judgemental maniac yelling across parking lots that someone is going to hell. I was raised non-denominational but became a sinner who was lost, broken, and defeated. I listened to Norwegian Death Metal, read the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche, and explored deep into the dark, fiery pits until Jesus metaphorically reach out and grabbed me. I am not better than anyone else and am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to be saved. I enjoy learning other religions while questioning each others beliefs. I openly invite good hearted conversation into philosophy, science, religion, and history. If we cannot question what we believe in, then how strongly do we truly believe?

Now that you have some background on who I am and understand that I am not a Bible thumper, let's get into this mission and where we are heading.

Why do I want to feed 1 billion starving children?

When I was deployed to Africa, I saw hundreds of refugees landing on our airfield alongside the Chadian Army. The Soldiers were bloodied up, beaten, and battle hardened after spending what looked like weeks disrupting terrorist strongholds. These refugees were innocent families consisting of women, children, and men of all ages. They looked starved and mentally beaten as if the world had stripped them of their last ounce of hope.

One day, a family walked past me and I was being compelled to help them. I wasn't a Christian at the time and didn't have a close connection with God but for some reason, I couldn't walk past them. I ran back to my compound to grab a case of water and took it to them. The young boy who was no older than 5 struggled to carry the water but looked at me in a way that pierced my soul. The whole family did (mom, dad, little boy, and little girl). I can still see their faces of concern that they didn't have anything to give me in return. They couldn't understand why I would do this and not expect anything back. After realizing this wasn't a trick, their faces lit up and I saw them regain a sliver of hope. A piece of me was left in Africa and swore that I would come back some day and do so much more. When we see a 3rd world country and experience how they live, it changes our perception of how the world works. Getting the wrong order at a restaurant and arguing over materialistic things aren't a concern anymore. These experiences show us how good we have it living in a first world country and empower us to be the change we want to see in the world.

This new mindset "to be the change" was reinforced and confirmed after my Afghanistan deployment too. I came home determined to make an impact that changed the world for generations until those good intentions were temporarily corrupted by greed, pride, and lust. I fell off my path and became a person that still to this day shames me to look back on. Now that I have hit reset on my life and overcome the traumas of my past, I am prepared to make a difference.

A child dies from hunger every 20 seconds worldwide. With the resources we have available to us, this is unacceptable. If not me, then who? If not now, then when? We are all capable of greatness if we put purpose over profits and give without the expectation of getting something in return. Women in these countries resort to prostitution, men will turn to extremist groups, children will be sold off or put into labor camps all to help put food on the table in the name of survival.

Think of how intimate the table is in a home? For thousands of years we have gathered around the table to grow closer in our relationships, to fuel the body and mind, and promote an atmosphere of safety and connection. For me, it's not just about providing food to starving children. It's about impacting the current and next generations. Showing them the love and hope of the world that is found in Jesus. So that one day, maybe... we can stop fighting and suffering over such an archaic issues and begin focusing on the true problems of the world. The meals we provide are promoting nourishment to the body, mind, and soul in parts of the world that need it most. A child dying every 20 seconds from hunger, women relying on prostitution, men embracing terrorism, and children being sold and used for labor is unacceptable. Especially for the sake of just needing food for the family. Together we can make a massive dent in stopping this vicious cycle that is claiming millions of lives. This is preventable with something as small as a meal.

This plan is not something I can do alone and I recognize that. I truly want this to be a movement where we collectively work together to help others without the expectation of receiving anything in return. The reward is knowing that we've provided a better life to people who are less fortunate and suffering. I do not want to broadcast who donated the most or how much in total was donated but let's at least set a goal and track the metric of the impact we have. This metric is easy and doesn't allow any ONE person to boast. It is "how many people have we fed?"

Alright, now we have discussed the "why" behind this mission but where am I right now to pursue something of this scale? Let me fill you in on the last 6 months and then we will go deeper into the "how". God has been putting things on my heart and igniting my life like a Hollywood underdog movie. The more I say "yes, Lord" the more He does and provides...

Where I am right now?

(pay attention to the dates, when God calls on us and we say YES, things begin to happen FAST)

  • I gave my life to Jesus on April 17, 2022 and it completely changed the trajectory and outcome of my life

  • I finished writing my first book "A King's Healing" in June of 2022 and plan to publish it in the spring of 2023

  • I founded Operation Life September 02, 2022 with my good friend Erik Allen and we plan to make it the largest Christian entrepreneurs club in the world

  • I launched The Operation Life Podcast on November 09, 2022

  • I have restored relationships with my faith (Jesus), family, and friends

  • I spoke on The Aesthetics of Leadership Podcast with Dr. Adams sharing my testimony for the first time since giving my life to Jesus and am now lined up to speak on numerous other shows. This episode is scheduled to be released December 05, 2022.

  • I'm being medically separated from the US Army and will be a civilian again sometime in the next 6 months. I am now working two full time jobs (Army Recruiting and Operation Life) and a part time job (my personal brand).

What am I considering in the near future?

  • Starting another podcast and Youtube channel to expand the effectiveness of this blog. Basically creating full media coverage of this journey.

  • Relaunching my creative agency but this time in a way that honors God and is built on business principles of the Bible. I will most likely build it in the background and launch it once I am out of the Army.

  • The rest will be revealed at the appropriate time.

How does this journey to 1 billion meals begin?

I have already fed a large amount of children but want to start over the same way I started over after giving my life to Jesus. I want this to be a fresh journey fueled by new life. This journey will be tracked through the non-profit we are working with since the Bible says not to boast about good deeds. We want to promote the mission of feeding 1 billion but not specifically recognize individual people, businesses, or amounts to make sure we honor the following verse. This mission is a team effort not just mine so let's agree to give God the glory.

NOTE: The Bible says, 6 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." -Matthew 6:1

When will we accomplish this by?

If we start our first year with 200 people and achieve 50% growth year over year, we will hit this goal by January 02, 2044. It will take 21 years and 1 month to accomplish this.

Here is the math on it:

We are receiving donations towards this goal from members and partners while also donating money from all of our own revenue streams but let's just play worst case scenario here. Let's say we only sell our cheapest package to fulfill this mission and do not get any additional support or donations. That means we need 1 million members which is projected to take 21 years and 1 month to do.


The total amount accrued, principal plus annual growth, compounding on a principal of 200 members at a growing rate of 50% per year compounded 1 times per year over 21.1 years rounded down to the nearest member is 1,038,855.

Using the Formula A=P(1 + r/n)power of (nt)

First, convert R as a percent to r as a decimal

r = R/100

r = 50/100

r = 0.5 rate per year,

Then solve the equation for A

A = P(1 + r/n)power of (nt)

A = 200.00(1 + 0.5/1)power of (1)(21.1)

A = 200.00(1 + 0.5)power of (21.1)

A = 1,038,856.50 members (round down)

A=1,038,855 members in 21.1 years


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About The Host, Ian Inman

lan Inman dropped out of high school his junior year due to a home torn apart by alcohol, drugs, and addiction who went on to become a motivational speaker, author, and results coach. He's an awarded US Army Staff Sergeant who's won 5 Best Warrior Competitions, 2 Special Forces Commando Competitions, and completed the US Army Airborne, Air Assault, SERE, SEMA, & Recruiter courses. He is the founder of Operation Life, host of The Operation Life Podcast, motivational speaker, and author of A King's Healing (coming soon).

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