TheIanInman Media Kit (P.R. KIT)

Written by: Ian Inman

Ian's Two Main Goals:

1. Train, advise and assist in rebuilding 1 million small businesses

2. Feed 1 billion starving children world-wide

The Story of Ian Inman:

Ian Inman was a baseball player and outdoorsman growing up. He had an injury that ended his baseball career sending him down an unfavorable road. When he was younger, his family did not have a lot of money and his dad was scrubbing the chimneys of a papermill. He watched his dad leave everything he had behind and do what was best for the family by getting a sales job and climbing the corporate ladder. His dad is now the VP of a large Fortune level company. This work ethic and drive was distilled into Ian throughout his life and is the reason for the man he is today. His family was loving and supportive in everything he has done, both good and bad. Life was going well until his teenage years when his mom became an alcoholic and became the breaking point that eventually drove him to dropout of high school and run away. From 17-20, he was further destroying his life doing drugs and acting out until one day his dad called and offered him a second chance. He took the offer and dropped everything to move home where he spent the next 12 months training for the military. Since joining the U.S. Army, he has set numerous records, deployed to Africa and Afghanistan, supported missions in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. These missions and life threatening events not only enabled him to develop his vision and define his purpose in life. His military experiences gave him the leadership skills to grow the organizations around him on a much deeper level. He now spends his time running his companies and, facilitates digital marketing for the U.S. Army, and awakening others to reach their full potential. He is an advocate for the outdoors industry and his primary goal in life is to change the outcome of 1 million small businesses. He is certified / highly trained in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Branding, Web Design, and Marketing. Ian plans to use this knowledge to empower small businesses through providing purpose, direction and motivation. With the money he make from his primary goal, this enables him to achieve his secondary goal of feeding 1 billion starving kids world wide. Ian is passionate about accomplishing these goals and needs help. Check out the resources below to join the mission and make a difference.

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