Why am I here? (The mission, vision and TMDC)

Updated: Jul 21

Written by: Ian Inman

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What I Do: TheIanInman works with committed outdoorsmen and women to provide advanced coaching, empowering them to turn their idea or company into a thriving brand in an honorable and strategic way. Through this personalized instruction, they are given a sense of purpose, direction and motivation to become awakened from within.

The Mission: "To Empower the Outdoors Industry."

The Vision: "To understand, empower and transform every business I work with."

What is TMDC: It stands for "The Million Dollar Cowboy" and that nickname was created because that is what I want to be known for. Creating generational wealth for every person / brand I work with. I strive for every client to earn at least $1,000,000.

At first glance, the name can sound a little crazy, but I'm just a good ole country boy that owns a digital agency and does digital marketing for the U.S. Army. I plan to take my skills and apply them towards the industry that I love, the outdoors industry. This industry is not known for being technical and they are missing out on a major opportunity. I deeply and passionately believe in my abilities, my mission and my vision. Together, we will make a difference and together we will transform this industry.

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