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Book Ian for Your Next Event

Bring Ian to your next event or feature him as a guest on your podcast. With his dynamic speaking style and deep expertise in military tactics and entrepreneurial leadership, Ian delivers engaging presentations that inspire action and drive results. Whether it's navigating uncertainty or driving innovation, Ian offers actionable insights and real-world examples that empower audiences to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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What Make Ian Inman Unique?

Ian Inman stands out for combining military discipline with entrepreneurial insight. His experience from both fields equips him with unique strategies for overcoming obstacles and driving growth. Ian's practical, proven approach focuses on building resilience and strategic thinking, offering tangible solutions for real-world challenges. This direct and effective blend makes his guidance highly actionable and impactful for individuals and businesses aiming for success.


Podcasts, Media, and TV Shows

Ian Inman brings a compelling blend of military discipline, entrepreneurial spirit, and motivational insight to the airwaves and screens. His appearances on podcasts, media segments, and TV shows are not just interviews, they're powerful dialogues that challenge, inspire, and mobilize audiences worldwide.

Speaking Topics

Ian Inman masterfully tackles a wide range of subjects, from the art of resilience and peak performance to transformative leadership and overcoming adversity, delivering insights that resonate deeply and provoke real change.


Commanding Confidence

Forge unyielding confidence that radiates authority and commands respect. In Ian's Commanding Confidence talk, you'll harness battle-tested strategies to crush self-doubt, confront challenges head-on, and emerge as an unstoppable force in your domain.


Strategic Leadership & Decision Making

Unleash your inner strategist and become a master of decisive action. Ian's Strategic Leadership & Decision Making session is your battlefield briefing, arming you with ruthless tactics to navigate chaos, seize opportunities, and lead your troops to victory in the corporate arena.


Corporate Warfare Strategies & Tactics

Arm yourself with the arsenal of corporate warfare tactics to dominate your industry battlefield. Ian's no-nonsense approach reveals the brilliant strategies used by elite  corporate commanders, empowering you to outmaneuver rivals, conquer new markets, and emerge as the undisputed champion of business warfare.

Book Ian Inman, A Speaker Who Commands the Room

Book Ian Inman for a transformative speaking experience that blends military precision with entrepreneurial innovation. Ian's commanding presentations inspire audiences to conquer adversity and lead with confidence, offering actionable insights for navigating today's complex landscape.

The Inman Impact

Every engagement with Ian Inman leaves a lasting legacy of empowered individuals, reshaped mindsets, and ignited ambitions, truly transforming the landscape of personal and professional excellence. Our combined impact goes further than personal achievement. It is the united effort to be a global force for good in a dark and fallen world.


Leadership Evolution

Ian Inman revolutionizes leadership by embedding resilience, strategy, and decisiveness into its core, crafting visionary leaders ready to face tomorrow's challenges.


Entrepreneurial Impact

Ian fuels entrepreneurial ventures with military precision and strategic insight, fostering market leaders that drive innovation, impact, and economic growth.


Philanthropic Conquest

Ian Inman embarks on a transformative journey to empower 1 million individuals and use the momentum to feed 1 billion starving children, blending ambition with compassion to create a lasting global impact.

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